Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eyeball Sauce part 1

Look at me....
“Why should I look,” a distant yet familiar voice whispered!
What the hell, who is there? I don’t see anyone, who are you I demanded!
“You have to look at the side of yourself for I am your eye cried the voice!”
Am I dreaming, what is this nonsense... I can’t see my own eye!
Again, I was interrupted by the shrieking voice, however, this time it was much closer!
“Look at me, LOOK AT ME…” who are you I interjected, answer me!
“I am the bunk in your eyeball sauce” cried the eye!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sky Father (Version 1)

As seen on Tom Paine's Ghost:

Glorious fireball,
ferocious inferno,
so gentle from afar,
birthing steamy chasm,
the wind at our surface,
to the universe, a spark,
earth creatures, eternity,
giving significance,
its power so, stifling
delusions of grandeur,
we bask in your glory,
for what is ours is yours,
I hail thee, sky father.