Monday, November 24, 2008

Swashbuckler's Anthem or Ode to the Sea

Arrggh, she blows abreast,
she flows... arouse... arouse.

Captain`s distress, upon thy quest,
eerie o' yer pendin' death.

Whenereshe sings, her sweet voice brings
shortness o' th' breath.

Arrrggh, she sways amidst,
she stays... arrouse... arrouse.

Have yersef a whisky swig,
dances o' yer splendid jig.

A tirin' view, refreshed anew,
gazes o' her green an' blue.

Arrrrggh, she yells across
she swells... arrrose... arrrose.

Ye heart `t sighs, as her mist flies,
echo o' her squallin' cries.

Oh so fierce, her beauty lies
underneath o' gentle skies.

Aaaayyyye, her freedom 't bestow
yearnin' o' lonngglast ... furlough.

Arrrrrgggh... to ride-to rawhhiiiide,

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