Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Below the Mesa...

A red sun collapses, a spirit relapses.
Upon the desert floor, beckons a darkened door.

A feeling of unrest, what lurks beyond the crest?
Eyes fixed upon a cave, the scenery engraved.

I fight to turn away, my gaze, the wind it sways.
A dry leaf cracks and falls, to this, attention draws.

My companion cries out, for this, there is no doubt!
I turn back towards it, my startled mind is split.

A crease in space and time, unfolds to the sublime.
My eyes do not concur, with what my brain would blur.

A white wolf? A desert sloth? A moving sunlit swath?
A crescent moon descends, without feet, it extends.

Its shape and form defy, my logic goes awry.
Smoke-like, frost-white skin, light flowing from within.

Its sneaking smile creeps, I know not, if It leaps.
For breath, my reason gasps, its face, I cannot grasp.

I have no thought to stay. Fear becomes, I run away.
No heed of nearby thorns, as if by blood I've sworn.

Many years have gone past, the memory, long last.
I still think of its grin, that eve, I saw the Jinn.

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