Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Eyed Crow

A one eyed crow sits vulnerable in the snow
Sick from cold, ruffled feathers and alone


He peers up at me, bearing a milk white, swollen, marble eye
Telling myself this crow will live, but knowing this to be a lie


Once a magnificent raven, obsidian wings glinting in the sunlight
Now an old forgotten soul, sick with fear and without sight


Strength of gravity pulling hard on his bones
Tying him to the pavement while he twitters a barely audible moan

But high up in the tree, what do I see?
I see a watchman, looking closely at me

Perceived Isolation

His brother, his tribesman, his friend, lovingly protects
As his compadre leaves this place of suffering and moves on to the next

Perceived Isolation

Everyone dies alone, One Eyed Crow entering the realms of the stars
But remember, there are those who love you sitting watching from afar

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Green Ninja said...

Can it gaze at the sun with it's wandering eye?